Bosch Compact 100 vs Hella 90mm H9 High Beam


Newly Enlightened
Apr 6, 2020
I have a 2005 Dodge Caravan that I could use a little more reach on the high beam. I happen to have a set of the Compact 100 Driving lights and a set of the Hella H9 90mm high beams on hand. Is one of these much better than the other? I should also mention that my preference is for a wider beam width.


Mar 26, 2004
These are comparable in size, optics, and quality. The H9 bulb produces a lot more light than the H3 in the Compact 100, but the H3's shorter focal length is advantageous in terms of light collection by the reflector, and the H3's transverse filament tends to work toward the beam width you are asking for. Plus, the Compact 100 is a much easier lamp to mount as an add-on auxiliary item, especially given that you will want these lamps to be as close as you can put them to the height of the headlamps (do not put them down in the bumper fascia; they'll not only be useless, but they'll actively work against you down there).

I would pick the Compact 100s, with good H3 bulbs -- Flosser +90 or Osram Night Breaker.