Costco LED Lantern and NiMHs ???


Sep 14, 2006
Cincinnati, OH USA
I went to change the batteries on my Costco LED lantern. I put in 4 fresh NiMHs and went o turn it on and ...nothing. Put 4 AA alkalines in and worked fine.

So my question is: could it be that this light is setup to run on 6V only from 4.1.5v AA's and becasue I'm using 4.8v from 4.1.2vAA NiMH cells it's not going to work with rechargeables? Seems like thats the issue.

Secondly is this "moddable" to make it run on rechargeables? I'll try and disassemsble on and look at the circuitry but I'm guessing it will be a pain to take apart. Oh well the price was small for a 2 pack and I don'tmind using one as a test bed.

I'm a AVID rechargeable user and don't like lights that cant take some sort of rechageable.