Custom made flashlight introduction called TiHany

Feb 7, 2014
After about a year in development and making, I'm excited to introduce my new light called TiHany.
It's been a long journey experimenting with and going through many prototypes of almost every component, but at the end of the day I'm happy with the final design and hopefully you'll like it as well. (As always, this is a bit long, so if you're just here for the pictures, skip this and see the bottom😊 Also, I will make my group live at this point where you can find more information about this light. ( Search for "Kemenes Custom Flashlights")

This is the fourth flashlight I've designed from the ground up, and this is the most complex with the most custom-made parts out of all of them. I was constantly running issues in the past of not having some parts in the shape I needed available and even the ones that I could find weren't precise enough to build the same quality consistently (All parts I've made for this light is within +- 0.001" ). One of this components is the reflector. I went through quite a few shapes and sizes before arriving to the one I've could incorporate in the design I wanted to use. Using off the shelf components previously, when making these parts I quickly found myself in new territory, and had to learn a whole lot more about them.

This light has 16 main components visible from the outside out of which six of them are some custom machined titanium screws holding the self-luminescent vials, reflector, sapphire glass window and seals in place. There are also 8 custom machined internal components responsible for switch seating and connection, reflecting and centering emitter and some other goodies needed for proper operation.

The light is using a 14500 battery cell to power the light engine or AAA or 14500 when using the light engine developed and made by Mike Fournier (Copper and Current Design) Let me take a moment here to thank him for his tireless work of contributing to the flashlight community and filling in some gaps for us like minded people. As a side note, he is also working on his own design using the same engine.

As far as LED choice and electronics. The standard light engine the light uses are made by Mountain Electronics, which I've have used before, and some other custom lights are using the same driver currently. The advantage of having a larger light engine, I was able to fit a larger driver which can be programmed with GuppyDrv3, Bistro, Crescendo and some other custom firmware. One of the important features I needed for getting to use larger cells is thermal management, which due to the lack of space and smaller driver in my previous light wasn't an option earlier.

There are are many parts in this light that can be customized, as well as exotic upgrades of certain parts.

Without rambling on the features and design challenges of this light, I will mention a few key specifications of this light and the rest can be discussed in my brand-new Facebook group called

"Kemenes Custom Flashlights " where I'm planning to share additional details and photos until the first batch is released next week.


  • Custom made dual coated sapphire glass window protecting the front.
  • Custom machined LED spacer incorporating a small reflector, made for 2 different LED choice
  • Two light engines to choose from 15mm FET+7135 and 15VP by Copper and Current Design.
  • Operated by 14500 cell or AAA battery.
  • 14 total spaces for self-luminescent vials
  • Customizable options throughout the light.
  • Plans for releasing a 16340 battery tube early next year.
  • Dimensions are: 0.850" diameter by 4.75" length.












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Apr 24, 2021
The camo TiHany is definitely my flavor.
Congratulations in turning your idea into a desirable product and display of craftsmanship
Feb 7, 2014
Thanks so much for posting this on CPF. Some of us do not follow FaceBook.
The functional elegance of these torches is complemented by the fetching surfaces!
I appreciate those very kind words. It seems this forum hasn't been as popular as it has been, but I still love coming here and seeing everyone that has been here from the beginning:)
Oct 26, 2009
Columbus, Ohio
And now for a limited time, each light comes with its own complementary security guard, to ward off the hoards of envious flashaholics that will no doubt bedevil you when you display these lights. (Me? No, I'm not envious, not a bit...)


By the way, where might one be able to purchase one of these little wonders? (Asking for a friend...)
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