Dismantling Quark Mini CR2


Flashlight Enthusiast
Mar 29, 2011
Brisbane, Australia
Hi all,

The Quark Mini CR2 I've EDC'd on my house keys for 2 years straight died the other night. I was legitimately gutted. I thought the battery had died but nope - it's lifeless :(

Anyway, I could buy a new Qmini. I think they're great and they're cheap. But this one is beat up to hell and it was my first flashlight purchase. It has sentimental value. I'd prefer to have a crack at fixing it myself as I have the know how....well most of it.

How do I get the pill out of the head!? There are two drill holes on either side of the PCB, but I can't seem to get it to unscrew. I'm guessing it's been fixed in place with loctite? Maybe heating it up would work? Has anyone pulled one of these lights (or similar) apart before?

Any suggestions would be fantastic.

- Matt