How to Repair Stripped Threads on Foursevens Mini MKII


Newly Enlightened
Aug 19, 2022
Not sure if this is where I should post this but here goes. I have an older Foursevens Titanium Mini MKII in which the threads on the twist head have stripped, which cause the programming modes not to work. This was the second time this light stripped the threads and I know that titanium can be harsh on the threads if not lubed constantly. Since Prometheus took bought Foursevens they have honored the warranty and replaced the twist head shell both times. Because they had extra stock for this light for the first repair and had to use their newer Mini MKIII twist head, which was fine with me. I asked them to send the old head to me with my light, which they did, because I'd like to try fixing the threads on it, as a backup. I was thinking about using the Loctite Thread Repair Kit, since I've used it in the past on things that didn't need to be extremely tight and it worked great. Any thoughts or experience fixing the threads on your lights?