Maratac/CountyComm AA repairing/modding to 14500...


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Jul 10, 2014
Hi there,

Wondered if anyone can help me regarding info repairing/upgrading my Maratac/CountyComm AA flashlight.

It flickers randomly and mode changing is all weird, so I'm guessing a connection is dodgy...

Would love to repair somehow (I can solder) but no torch knowledge of where best to source parts, and a quick search of AliExpress/Banggood, I'm struggling to find ones relevant...
And I can't send back to CountyComm as no receipt as bought secondhand off eBay many years ago.. And I'm UK based so postage isn't ideal to US anyways

Hard to know where to measure due to sticky-out bits on led/driver but pill is approx 15.7mm, driver 14.6 - 15.68mm, LED 11.75 - 13.8mm.

Anyone got any info on what would fit if perchance I just went for a new pill/driver/led/reflector etc?

As it got me thinking too... would really love to convert it to 14500 if possible... One of the newer Nichia's, maybe 519, 4500K, and a really simple no Anduril or 7135 or subsidiary mode bullshit, so just ML, L, H; or L, M, H... and high not a silly draw but something that prioritises runtime for the high.


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