Any UK based modder/repairer who could fix a flickering copper Maratac AA?


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Jul 10, 2014
Hi there,

Apologies if this is in the wrong section, but not sure where it should go...

I have a copper Maratac AA that has some issues with flickering/occasionally not turning on/randomly changing modes/turning off when tapped/jiggled etc. The battery feels tight against everything and it doesn't rattle, and I've loosened and tightened the pill and taken it out and tried to peer into check connections but can't see or have any clue as to what's wrong or do any more as I don't have a soldering iron or any fiddly little electronics know-how...

Wondering if there are any UK-based modders who would be willing to take a look and hopefully repair/if dodgy pill/LED/driver etc, replace with an appropriate one. I really like the form factor so would like to make it good again..

I believe it is Nichia, I bought it second hand off ebay years ago (hence also why can't return to CountyComm + tedium of shipping back to US and then back to UK) and can't remember, but would hope to stick to Nichia or some other warm white tint. Likewise the L/M/H order.

Or is there a simple plug and play insert I could screw in from banggood/aliexpress etc anyone know of?


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