Does the HC60 V1 have LVP?


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Feb 19, 2024
Can't really find alot of info about if the hc60 has it or not, so trying here, why i am wondering is because i have a good amount of flat top unprotected 18650 batteries laying around. Since one nitecore protected battery costs 4-5 times of what a regular samsung industrial type costs it's easy for me to use those on the headlamp for working on my cars here in the winter in Norway when it's dark 8 months of the year :p

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Dec 13, 2007
What is LVP? I can tell you the Nitecore HC60 v.1 and 2 are technically not rated to use unprotected cells. The positive terminal has a small contact that is not a spring (negative terminal is a spring). It will work with a rare earth magnet placed on battery's positive terminal. Light steps down in brightness when it gets low. Once it steps down to medium (2nd lowest brightness), you have thirty minutes until it steps down to low. At that point, the battery is pretty much depleted. If you want your unprotected cells to last, charge them or change them out when it steps down to medium. Also, I suggest you find somewhere you can get Molicel M35A 18650s. They are 10 amp discharge rated 3500 mAh cells that are cold weather rated. They come as either protected and unprotected cells. Protected cells in the U.S. go for about $10 when not on sale, unprotected are close to half that at Unfortunately, that company doesn't do much shipping outside U.S. and Canada. I'm sure you can find these cells someplace else. These batteries will beat anything else when the temperature gets really low.