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E70 MINI Nichia 519A- the best EDC outdoor lighting tools


Apr 1, 2015
Since human beings live in the environment of sunlight for a long time, they are most familiar with and adapt to sunlight. Most people observe colors in sunlight. Therefore, sunlight is considered to be the most suitable light source, and sunlight is also used as the lighting standard.
The color rendering index (CRI) is the quantification of color rendering. The color rendering index of sunlight as the standard light source is defined as 100, and the color rendering index of other artificial light sources is lower than 100. The higher the color rendering, the closer the color rendering index value is to 100, the stronger the color reproduction ability of the object, and the easier it is for the human eye to distinguish the color of the object, so the visual experience is better.


What are the benefits of high color rendering light sources?
First of all, it allows people to see things in front of them more clearly and realistically, which is especially important when using lighting tools outdoors. If the sight is not clear and real, it may also lead to danger, such as ignoring poisonous spiders, scorpions, and snakes because of the inability to distinguish, or falling over without seeing the road pit ahead.


Nichia 519A R9080 is widely recommended due to its high color rendering of CRI90, and has more lumens and great tint than other LEDs of the same type. At the same time, Acebeam customized a unique TIR lens for the E70 MINI, which perfectly fuses the light emitted by the three Nichia 519A LEDs, giving you a maximum of 2000 lumens brightness and a large and uniform beam spot.


Compared with the E70, the E70 MINI retains the unique UI of double-click ON and the double-layer barrel insulation design of the hollowed-out blue inner tube stripe. We always consider the safety of customers - double-click ON can effectively prevent it from appearing accidental ON in your pocket or backpack can have unforeseen consequences.


Will the E70 MINI be equipped with 3 Nichina 519A R9080 LEDs and Acebeam's customized TIR lens to become your most anticipated EDC lighting tool this year? By the way, it is powered by a 18650 battery!

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