Easy Battery Question


Newly Enlightened
Jan 18, 2007
I just bought some walgreen's alkaline batteries. They are 25% the cost of energizer.

Is there really a difference in performance, etc.?

In what ways are they different?

Thanks for the education.


Flashlight Enthusiast
Jun 8, 2002
Richmond, VA
I have used mostly Walgreen's alks for the past 2-3 years because I have been able to buy them on sale at a better price more often than most other cells.

I would NOT buy them for only 25% less - I wait for the best sales and buy them then. I don't think that I've ever paid more than 30¢ for a AA or AAA cell, usually 25¢ or less. Sometimes their sales are ridiculous, so you have to pay attention.

I've found the cells to be good performers, but like the Bunnies and the Coppertops, they're not without failures. I've had two leak in lights and a few leak in their packages - just like the two major brands, but less often.

They have the same warranty as the major brands to replace, repair or reimburse items that are damaged or ruined by using them, but the process is much more difficult to make a claim than with Energizer or Duracell.