Fenix PD25R


Apr 11, 2011
Well after a mistake buying a Nitecore (good light but not for me) I ended
up with the PD25R from Fenix. No pics but here is my run down. No point talking about finish as like most lights it is what one would expect.
Small fist sized light, great for carrying whilst boasting decent output.
That deep seated LED inside a smooth reflector gives this light decent throw with very useful spill. In fact I would say it is a super mix between spot and spill. In the old days everyone use to use and rave about orange peel reflectors but I have always been a fan of mirror finish / smooth reflectors. The PD25R shows this off well. Tailcap forward clicky switch solid and effective both in momentary and constant on. Pity the rubber switch sits slightly proud of the tailcap body section as if it was a few millimters shorter this light could tail stand which could easily be
fixed simply by machining the end of the tailcap a little longer like they
do with other models. I do like the little battery indicator which lights up
inside the side switch for about 2 seconds when you switch the light on.
Nice because in the dark it gives you a brief moment where you can see where the side switch is. Would be super if they had that light operate for about 4-6 seconds when the light is switched on to give you ample time to fine that side switch. I realise that the indicator light is not meant for a location of the switch but it could be. The side switch can change modes if you are using the light in fist grip mode as one of the fingers can inadvertently press the switch and change mode whilst you are using it. This may be seen as a negative but I have worked it in my favour somewhat by using the fist grip method to change modes on the light. This isn't always guaranteed as sometimes your grip does not quite activate the side switch so it can go either way. You can lock the light for long term storage or travel simply by unscrewing the tailcap a few turns. Not overly keen on the LED colour which may appear a little greenish but it is ok. Would prefer cool white but that's my preference. Hard to make a call on longevity of the light regarding knocks and water etc as it is new and I am not going to try testing it unless in real life. Love the concept of the screw in and out section of the body to allow opening and closing of the recharge port hole. Also.Ike the dual fuel so can operate on its rechargeable battery, RCR123 and CR123's. Nice stages of illumination levels. Pity they had no firefly mode but again, my preference. I was looking at a larger Fenix but it only offered three stage illumination levels and this didn't quite suit me plus it was much longer. At this stage(only a few days in) it appears to be a good little light.