Fireflies E12R, NOV-MU, T9R, T1R prototype test results


Dec 10, 2017
I preordered in December last year and received them for over a month already but have been too busy to test and post results until now. I've been using them here and there especially the NOV-MU and they are absolutely amazing. Most of my gripes in the older FF lights have been fixed in the new series. The build quality also seems a notch above the older series especially the T1R prototype looks identical to Olight quality, which so far is second to none and I own over 400 flashlights.

Lumen output measured at 2seconds from turn-on using the Texas Ace Lumen Tube calibrated with Maukka lights. Spectrometer used is the Sekonic Spectromaster C-800-U
FF T1R CULNM1Turbo689 lumens7827K-0.0079 DUV74.3 CRIBlue light relative amplitude 1.005.8 R944.7 R1266 Rf96 Rgincluded 22430 battery
FF T1R CULNM1M3402 lumens6564K-0.0019 DUV70.3 CRIBlue light relative amplitude 1.00-17.2 R940.2 R1265 Rf96 Rgincluded 22430 battery
FF T1R CULNM1M2111 lumens5587K0.0085 DUV69.0 CRIBlue light relative amplitude 1.00-39.1 R932.9 R1268 Rf93 Rgincluded 22430 battery
FF T1R CULNM1M111 lumens5447K0.0100 DUV68.6 CRIBlue light relative amplitude 1.00-42.2 R932.3 R1268 Rf92 Rgincluded 22430 battery
FF NOV-MU w/o lens and bezelTurbo5,578 lumens5013K-0.0099 DUV94.1 CRIBlue light relative amplitude 1.0082.8 R983.2 R1291 Rf104 Rg40T
FF NOV-MU w/o lens and bezelTop of Ramp1,652 lumens4862K-0.0052 DUV96.2 CRIBlue light relative amplitude 1.0083.2 R975.0 R1292 Rf103 Rg40T
FF NOV-MU w/o lensTurbo5,224 lumens4913K-0.0095 DUV95.3 CRIBlue light relative amplitude 1.0083.1 R977.8 R1291 Rf104 Rg40T
FF NOV-MU w/o lensTop of Ramp1,597 lumens4779K-0.0051 DUV96.3 CRIBlue light relative amplitude 1.0083.7 R975.3 R1292 Rf103 Rg40T
FF NOV-MUTurbo5,353 lumens30T
FF NOV-MUTurbo5,155 lumens4856K-0.0084 DUV95.9 CRIBlue light relative amplitude 1.0087.3 R977.5 R1291 Rf104 Rg40T
FF NOV-MUTop of Ramp1,574 lumens4734K-0.0042 DUV96.8 CRIBlue light relative amplitude 1.0087.0 R974.9 R1292 Rf102 Rg40T
FF NOV-MUM3734 lumens4708K-0.0034 DUV96.9 CRIBlue light relative amplitude 1.0086.2 R974.0 R1292 Rf102 Rg40T
FF NOV-MUM2263 lumens4695K-0.0027 DUV96.9 CRIBlue light relative amplitude 1.0085.8 R973.3 R1292 Rf101 Rg40T
FF NOV-MUM150 lumens4671K-0.0025 DUV96.8 CRIBlue light relative amplitude 1.0085.3 R972.8 R1291 Rf101 Rg40T
FF NOV-MUMoonlight3 lumens4599K-0.0020 DUV96.9 CRIBlue light relative amplitude 1.0086.1 R972.8 R1291 Rf101 Rg40T
FF E12R 219B 4500K 90CRITurbo4,319 lumens4542K-0.0089 DUV95.4 CRIBlue light relative amplitude 1.0096.6 R979.2 R1290 Rf104 Rg40T
FF E12R 219B 4500K 90CRITop of Ramp1,471 lumens4484K-0.0071 DUV96.0 CRIBlue light relative amplitude 1.0094.1 R974.8 R1290 Rf103 Rg40T
FF E12R 219B 4500K 90CRIM3703 lumens4504K-0.0074 DUV95.9 CRIBlue light relative amplitude 1.0092.9 R975.0 R1290 Rf104 Rg40T
FF E12R 219B 4500K 90CRIM2256 lumens4462K-0.0073 DUV96.1 CRIBlue light relative amplitude 1.0091.7 R974.1 R1290 Rf103 Rg40T
FF E12R 219B 4500K 90CRIM149 lumens4458K-0.0076 DUV96.1 CRIBlue light relative amplitude 1.0089.4 R973.8 R1290 Rf103 Rg40T
FF E12R 219B 4500K 90CRIMoonlight3 lumens4370K-0.0076 DUV96.0 CRIBlue light relative amplitude 1.00898.5 R974.6 R1290 Rf103 Rg40T
FF E12R LH351D 4000K 90CRITurbo5,871 lumens3892K0.0038 DUV90.0 CRIBlue light relative amplitude 0.8366.3 R976.5 R1289 Rf102 Rg40T
FF E12R LH351D 4000K 90CRITop of Ramp1,853 lumens3861K0.0056 DUV90.7 CRIBlue light relative amplitude 0.8367.4 R974.9 R1291 Rf101 Rg40T
FF E12R LH351D 4000K 90CRIM3881 lumens3837K0.0058 DUV91.1 CRIBlue light relative amplitude 0.0868.4 R974.6 R1291 Rf101 Rg40T
FF E12R LH351D 4000K 90CRIM2321 lumens3820K0.0062 DUV91.3 CRIBlue light relative amplitude 0.8268.6 R974.0 R1291 Rf100 Rg40T
FF E12R LH351D 4000K 90CRIM164 lumens3809K0.0055 DUV91.8 CRIBlue light relative amplitude 0.8370.2 R974.3 R1292 Rf101 Rg40T
FF E12R LH351D 4000K 90CRIMoonlight5 lumens3814K0.0052 DUV92.1 CRIBlue light relative amplitude 0.8471.1 R974.1 R1292 Rf101 Rg40T
FF T9R CULNM1Top of Ramp802 lumens7049K-0.0060 DUV67.9 CRIBlue light relative amplitude 1.00-12.9 R941.9 R1260 Rf98 Rg40T
FF T9R CULNM1M3554 lumens6225K0.0002 DUV64.6 CRIBlue light relative amplitude 1.00-32.9 R937.4 R1258 Rf97 Rg40T
FF T9R CULNM1M2253 lumens5994K0.0031 DUV64.1 CRIBlue light relative amplitude 1.00-39.9 R935.9 R1259 Rf96 Rg40T
FF T9R CULNM1M162 lumens5744K0.0066 DUV64.2 CRIBlue light relative amplitude 1.00-46.2 R934.5 R1260 Rf95 Rg40T
FF T9R CULNM1Moonlight6 lumens5460K0.0092 DUV64.5 CRIBlue light relative amplitude 1.00-49.6 R932.8 R1262 Rf94 Rg40T

I was very lucky that FF offered to include a T1R prototype in my order for testing. I really like the looks of the T1R. It is noticeably smaller than the Acebeam E10 and you really feel the difference in your hands or in your pocket. They sent me a red and the color looks amazing even though I'm not even a fan of red! The aux light works so much nicer with this optic compared with the other Fireflies lights or any other flashlight with Aux lights for the matter. The only issue is that the beam is squarish almost like a beam from an overly focused aspheric lens. FF said they may be able to fix that in the final version but then again that beam shape might give it the highest intensity so not sure if it is worth fixing. One thing interesting is that the hotspot is noticeably larger than that of the MC13 and E10. Basically it is like comparing the hotspot of a Osram W2 vs Osram W1 yet still providing comparable intensity is real impressive. I guess this optic collects the spill and concentrates it into the hotspot.

Please note that the TA lumen tube favors throw lights over flood. I estimate actual output of the NOV-MU mule is 15-20% higher than what I measured. Flashaholic measured an output much higher than what I measured but he also measured the output of the T9R much higher than hat I measured :thinking:

I have been using the NOV-MU constantly for work related indoor photo taking and inspection. It is the best indoor photography light I've ever used and the battery can last through the entire job whereas my previous light the KR4 E21A mule with the 18650 often ran out of juice before my job is done. However, I accidentally turned on the light several times in my pocket and smoke came out. The protruding button makes it very easy for accidental activation so please remember to lockout the light by untwisting before putting it in your pocket. I have not experienced any accidental activation with the E12R because the head protrudes farther than the switch button.

The E12R is probably the largest I would carry as an EDC. It is actually much smaller than I originally thought and much smaller and lighter than the Noctigon K9.3. It is awesome to carry around so much power in such a small package. I do wish that there exist a 10deg optic for this light. I would ABSOLUTELY LOVE to have a 12x W2 10deg optic high output thrower! I do not recommend the LH351D 4000K because of the positive DUV and not being too much brighter than the 219B version. I can drop the DUV by installing minus green filter but then the output will probably reduce to 219B level. Might as well get the 219B or SST-20 FA3. I would love to try the LH351D 5700K 80CRI high bin though. Maybe in the future I will get that to test.

The T9R is also much smaller than I originally expected, especially when compared side by side with the Noctigon K1. The beam is nicely focused and very tight and is probably the farthest throwing light with this head diameter. Unfortunately it cannot out throw the bigger K1 with the CSLNM1 but I guess we cannot defy the physics governing reflectors. The spill is also very narrow due to the deep reflector so good if you want to minimize light pollution up front. I also have the SBT90.2 on order and I'm anxious to test that one.

I also took some throw measurements. I'm not sure how accurate they are but at least they should be consistent for comparison among the lights tested in this list.
Noctigon KR1 CULPM194,080 kcd613 M
KR1vn SBT90.281,905 kcd572 M
Emisar D1S XPL HI 4000k115,109 kcd679 M
Acebeam L19345,328 kcd1,175 M
GT Micro XPL HI 4000k48,700 kcd441 M
Speras T1408,417 kcd1,278 M
Manker MC13vn CULPM1114,003 kcd675 M
Manker MC13 CULNM1131,712 kcd726 M
Noctigon K1 CSLPM1534,595 kcd1,462 M
FF T9R CULNM1464,865 kcd1,364 M
FF T1R CULNM195,187 kcd617 M
FF E12R LH351D 4000K 90CRI17,045 kcd261 M
FF E12R 219B 4500K 90CRI22,579 kcd301 M
FF NOV-MU4,317 kcd131 M
Acebeam TK16 CSLNM114,721 kcd243 M
Acebeam E10115,109 kcd679 M
Acbeam L17133,925 kcd732 M
Acbeam K751,375,779 kcd2,346 M
Acebeam W30vn CW1,863,887 kcd2,730 M
Acebeam W30vn Hi CRI999,459 kcd1,999 M
Eagtac TX25Cvn CULNM184,118 kcd580 M
Olight M2R Pro26,564 kcd326 M
Olight Javelot Turbo426,126 kcd1,306 M
Olight Warrior X Pro96,293 kcd621 M
Armytek Barracuda Pro 4000K WW168,237 kcd820 M
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Dec 10, 2017
You're welcome.

Forgot to mention I measured the discharge capacity of the Fireflies new HIZY 22430 2000mah battery at 2,112mah. That is incredible considering the larger Acebeam 26350 that came with the E10 measures 2,111mah.

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