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Sold/Expired FS: Super converter with 900ma output for sale.

ARC mania

Flashlight Enthusiast
Jun 13, 2002
The land of the rising sun.
I have 10pcs of the single mode Super boost converters for sale. Output current is 900ma, input 2.4 volts to 3.1 volts. Light output is constant til the end and once the battery falls below 1.7 volts, it will just drop into moon mode. Board with is 14mm and thickness is 1.6mm. Reverse polarity protected. High quality 100% made in Japan. You will get the best performance when a high powered LED with a low VF is used. Asking $26.50 each. Shipping is $13.75 by express and priority is $6.95. If you take all 10pcs, I wil eat the express mail shipping charge. If interested send me a PM.

Here is a graph: http://forum.flashlight-fan.com:80/gazouimg/SC900.gif

ARC mania