Glove box light


Jun 23, 2003
central time
Just had an adventure that's going to make me late to bed.

I have been carrying my new Zebralight SC600 Fd Mk IV Plus in my service truck lately; mostly to trial it as a replacement for my EDC Elzetta Bravo. I have discovered that it is not to my taste for that purpose, but it does make an excellent glovebox / vehicle light. Tonight was a prime example….

Some malicious orangutans threw Z-nails (a special type of nail with the unfortunate property of literally always falling with a pointy side up) all over the freeway on my route. I somehow missed all of them, despite having ten tyres to aim with… but a heap of other people got punctures.

I pulled over and put the beacons on, and called the cops while searching a couple of kms of motorway for nails, retrieving a half dozen or so. I was very glad I had the Zebralight. It's extremely bright and has an excellent short- to mid-range beam, so that made it a lot safer and easier to signal traffic and identify and recover nails.

I gave the nails to the cops and then helped folks with tyre changing. (I carry lifting equipment, power tools, torque wrenches, and so on). They were very grateful.
The cops said that the orangutans often throw Z-nails out targeting them, so it might have been some dudes they were chasing earlier.
They have closed the freeway in both directions, and brought in crews to search up all the nails.

No photos sorry, I was too busy trying not to get run over.
I'm off home to charge my batteries.