Gmail phishing scam


Oct 22, 2003
I'm asking CPFers to be on the lookout for this Google gmail scam where thieves take over your Google account then send out e-mails to all in your phone book asking for money. :caution:

It starts with an e-mail supposedly from Google telling you your gmail account is going to be terminated unless you send e-mail back confirming your user name and password.

Once the scammers have your password (That was silly of you wasn't it!! :banghead:) They send out a letter (on your behalf) that says something like "I've had to travel urgently to London but got robbed of all my money. I need money to pay hotel bill, please send to Western Union, then e-mail me the details of the transaction"

If one or more of your contacts are gullible enough, they wire you money and the scammers go into Western Union and withdraw the cash. :sigh:

There are many variations of the letter sent out and
I have heard of people who have sent money to the scammers. :eek:

Don't give out your passwords to anyone! Change passwords often. Don't send money before contacting family or friends to verify their situation.

Keep your cash to buy more flashlights! :thumbsup:

That's the CPF way!

Sgt. Dave
Israel Border Police


Sep 14, 2008
There are a hundred and one variations of "skin the sucker" out there, to be sure. A few simple policies help cut down on this sort of thing. (a) Never populating the contacts feature of online email systems; (b) Never sending money to anyone not personally known to me; (c) Never sending money to anyone exhorting me via some convoluted story to help them get out of a jam, or communicating my secret data (passwords, bank account numbers) because I'm the only one who can help resolve the situation.

Good reminder, tadbik.