Guess what this is.


Newly Enlightened
Apr 1, 2009
:) yay

On one aw imr or aw 18650 I can get 4.2A draw at the tail on high while low is 0.22A and med is 1.2A. Yes...multimodes!

Yay. I've been carrying it for a while testing out it's ruggedness and application in daily use and it's a blast. The claims from electronguru are correct in that it puts alot of heat and can be dangerous. I've killed some pesty bugs by putting it on high at about an inch away.

I also took it on a plane trip over to Ithaca recently where it's much more naturally darker without the flood of ambient light and wow, I feel that it lights up a lot of area for its size. I am not satisfied with the throw but on the other hand it's really nice with the amount of area it covers imo.



Guess how simple this was put together.