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Sold/Expired HDS, Peak, Zebralight, Fenix, and others.


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May 13, 2003
Time to pare down the collection again! Prices include USPS priority shipping in the US. I will insure the HDS for the full value at no additional cost. Paypal preferred.


8. ($25) ($30) Emisar D1V2, grey, with SFT-40 and green switch backlight. One knicked section on the body from dropping the light. Extremely bright thrower.

Sold Items:

1. **SOLD** ($400) HDS Rotary NB35 (Nichia 219b, 3500k, 180 lumens) with 18650 body, black bezel, flush switch, and battery. Like new, but there is one spot on the rotary dial is slightly darker, and there is a very minor knick in the anodizing by the bezel (came that way from HDS). This is a newer rotary body, so it should be a steel endcap.
2. **SOLD** ($90) Peak Eiger Copper with sw30 (Nichia 219b, 3000k) and medium optic. Beautiful tint made slightly rosier by the copper head (had the same batch of sw30 in Aluminum heads, and the copper makes a nice difference). Will include a polishing cloth as well. Includes a lanyard.
3. **SOLD** ($60) Zebralight H53Fc LE (4000k LH351D) with headband, two-way clip, spare o-rings and box. Like new.
4. **WITHDRAWN** ($60) Fenix PD35 v3 (SFT-40 LED) with button-top 18650 cell (3500mAh). Includes manual, spare o-rings, and spare switch boot.
5. **WITHDRAWN** ($50) Skilhunt H04R RC (reflector version with 4500k Nichia 519a). Includes headband, charger, lanyard, o-rings, 3500mAh 18650 cell and bonus 2x123a Vapcells in a battery carrier.
6. **SOLD** ($45) Eagtac P25LC2 with 4000k Nichia 219c LED (came stock from the factory like this, not modded). Includes 3500mAh Eagtac 18650 protected cell, 2 fairly fresh Surefire 123a cells in an 18650 adapter, and a 2x18650 battery holder.
7. **SOLD** ($35) ($40) Emisar DM11, grey, with 4000k Nichia B35am (boost driver) and a Sofirn 5000mAh 21700 cell. Has the narrow optic. Beautiful golden tint with excellent color rendering. I have set the max level to 130/150 to avoid any issues with overdriving the LED. Cyan switch backlight. Inlcudes spare o-rings and a lanyard.
9. **CLAIMED** Free with any other light - Skilhunt E3A.


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