Help and guidance needed.


Newly Enlightened
Jan 11, 2007
Dear all CPFers,

As i'm a newbie here so i am definitely need all of your professional help. I got a list of enquiries here that you guys might have the solutions to. Here goes...

1. Any flashaholic in Malaysia know's any local brands of lubricant/silicone grease to use for the threads and o-ring of the L1D-CE? Where to get it?

2. I noticed the spare o-rings provided by fenix are tad smaller than the tube size. Is this normal (does it supposed to be strecth to fit the tube all the way in)?

3. How long for me to wait from the first day i receive the flashlight until it required to be lubricated?

4. How to disassemble the L1D-CE tailcap and change the rubber cover for the switch?

Thanks for your "enlightment" ya guys! Keep up the good work :goodjob:. Just can't believe how addicted i am now to this forum...
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