Help with tourquoise Eternalight


Jul 3, 2001
Ever since I got an Arc Light in turquoise, I'm really impressed with the output of the turquoise LED, compared to a white LED. There is some color distortion, but to my eyes, the turquoise LED puts out 3 to 4 times as much light as a white one. I like it a *lot*!
I've purchased several white LED flashlights, and the one I like the best, for general use, is the EternaLight. It's small enough to go into a shirt pocket, or a coat pocket, reasonably bright, has good run time, etc. It's not an Arc LS, but IMHO, it is a very good design, making the best of the compromises necessary to any LED flashlight.

But now I want one with turquoise LEDs!
So, would any of you forum members be willing to make the conversion for me? I'll pay all expenses, of course, and you can keep the 4 white LED's for your next project.
I know my electronic/soldering skills simply aren't up to this job. (As Clint Eastwood said in the 2nd Dirty Harry movie; "A man has *got* to know his limitations."
I know that for someone who's skilled at this sort of thing, it's a fairly easy job. I just don't want to ruin my EternaLight trying to do it myself! Does this sound reasonable to anyone? I'm open to negotiation; perhaps a flashlight I have and use very little, that would fill a niche for you?

Comments and suggestions welcome, of course.
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Oh yes, I've got my name on the waiting list for a white Arc-LS, but I think I'll be changing it to a turquoise one, pending the results of you lucky fellows who are going to get to test the first ones. But I'd tend to expect the Luxeon Star turquoise LED to be brighter than the white one, by about the same ratio as the current ones.