---Hooked On A Feeling---


Newly Enlightened
Sep 1, 2020
This is about the venture, the wandering, finding the next gotta-have-it... in other words, the sacred hunt.

Mine, mine, all mine! I would consider myself a hoarder except my stash is somewhat expensive, highly organized at all times, collectible and nothing if not useful. Still I want another one and more batteries, always more batteries. I'd call it retail therapy but the purchase is not so much the thrill as is the anticipation of use and abuse in the field, around the house, on the road and in the office.

Admittedly it's getting harder and harder to find that next perfect addition. I haven't lost any passion for the hobby, I've just satiated most of my curiosities and longings. Perhaps I should move into accessories. Lanyards, pouches, charging cables and so on. Maybe there is an aspect of lights I haven't considered obsessing over just yet.


Flashlight Enthusiast
Nov 21, 2014
Prescott Az
The next perfect addition for me is the next very small, or next small, or next small-medium, or next medium, or next large-medium, or next medium-large, or next very large or next super huge dedicated thrower, power thrower or flooder in medium price range, slightly higher price range and slightly lower price range.

My lights: https://www.candlepowerforums.com/threads/list-your-lights.87150/post-5468896
Oct 26, 2009
Columbus, Ohio
I share Bull-Dozer's attention to the marketplace, to identify some new variation on portable lighting that might augment or advance my current lights' capabilities. I already have more than enough of what I need for my purposes. Experience has demonstrated however that there are often unexpected changes and sometimes even improvements in performance that justify (to me at least) acquiring the upgrade. (Hey, that's how collections get started, right?) I also follow improvements in battery performance, hoping that one day someone will develop a super dense, long lasting, quick recharging cell that I can use on Turbo for a few dozen hours nonstop without recharging. (Yeah, yeah, I know...the emitter will turn brown on me. But it'll be soooo worth it. 😈)