I found a Unicorn = Acebeam e70-al


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Jun 27, 2021
I don't know when, where or why I'll need my EDC next. That makes the UI very important for EDC. Looping UIs with no memory or shortcuts are pretty much a hard no on any light for EDC or that I'm paying for with more than a dollar bill. I also NEED runtime, real time at real lumen levels. I'd gotten tired of having to change out eneloops once or twice a day in my Fenix LDxx EDC lights. (no knock against Fenix it's just the nature of the format)

So my hunt for a Unicorn began. I've added Fenix, Convoy, Sofirn, Klarus, Olight and now Acebeam in 18650 & 21700 formats; a total of more than 10 new lights in the last 6 weeks. Many came close, a few are headed for resale & a couple will be added to my collection of usable, useful lights. If you read the title you know where this is headed ; The Winner is

Acebeam e70-AL

The UI allows you to start from OFF in ML or Memory mode(4 levels) or Turbo strobe. Plus Turbo AND strobe can be entered from any ON light level, even moonlight. It uses a double click(very easy habit to learn) ON to replace the need for a lock out but still gives you a more advanced method if needed. Nothing to program, no extra dials, paddles or buttons, just one big easy to use tail switch which allows for tail standing.

It is a 21700 light so EDC in office attire may not work but it slides into my jeans & 5.11 pants w/o issue. I'm sure your briefcase, backpack or computer bag has room enough to allow you to keep it close. Light pattern is more flood than throw which is good since most of us spend time in rooms well under 5000cu/ft. High & turbo will give you reach out to an easy 100yds if needed. As for run time a fully charged Samung 30T ran the claimed 180L mid-1 level for 10 hrs. At that point I couldn't tell a difference between high & turbo and my meter had the battery at 3.0v. I might need to charge the battery after a days use but I doubt I'll need to do battery changes. The flat top can move enough when dropped to disconnect so a button top cell might be a better choice.

No it's not perfect & doesn't meet every goal for my perfect EDC but it comes close & at a price well short of $100. Excellent UI, 21700 or 18650 use, IP68 rated, solid run times at useful light levels(1L-4000L+), an OK CRI, more flood than throw beam & a profile that makes the light feel smaller than it really is in the "specs" it's going to be hard to beat. An added plus, the blue tube within the body & helix cuts make it a good looking light I'm just not sure how long it will stay that way.

If you need one light that can cover GP & EDC you really need to checkout an Acebeam e70. It's a keeper 4.8/5 [I said it wasn't perfect]

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