If you still have Acebeam K60 K70 flashlight in your hand, please pay attention to it


Apr 1, 2015

'The company of an old friend for many years will remind you of the beautiful bits and pieces of the past '
——by Acebeam nobody :nana:

When Acebeam K70 came out, what was your first image?

‘It literally looks like a light saber in some of the shots. It’s so cool’;
‘Big reflector… HI emitter… driven hard’;
‘...You can get the ***brand a lot less than this...’;
‘So it’d be nice if it was a bit cheaper’;
‘The thing about the K70 is it throws a lot of light a long way, no wimpy beam’;
‘The control ring is nice. I think it’s my preferred UI on all the big lights I have’;

Nowadays, K70 has to be discontinued due to various reasons, but people's evaluation of Acebeam K70 continues.

Now if you are the owner of acebeam K70 or K60, you can now get a color filter from the acebeam official homepage or authorized dealers for free(US clients can ask from andrew&amanda now)!

There are three colors of red, green and yellow to choose from. Leave us a message or contact your familiar acebeam sales directly for details .




Make the K70K60 in your hand more colorful!