Inova T5 + Rechargeables... another CR123A thread!?


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Feb 14, 2007
I purchased a Inova T5 fairly recently after a fair amount of looking around for a good torche. I really had no idea what to expect as it is my first high powered torch and even now that I have a bit of a base to compare others to the numbers and ratings are still hard to imagine... but I am still very happy with the T5, I'd buy another! if only it had a little more spill and/or attachments (like a diffuser, etc).

The T5 uses three CR123A Batteries.
My order came with a set of 123 Duracell Ultra (CR17345 3V) Batteries, and a extra set of Tenergy CR123A Photo 3V's. So far I've only used the Duracell's and they have been great, however I wish to start using rechargeables.

After reading a few posts I don't know what to go for...

I want batteries that last as long as possible so the higher the mAh the better and I don't mind paying extra for that.
I also want batteries that will not blow up and/or ruin my flashlight, which is the main reason I made this post.

So if anyone can fill me in on which batteries and chargers that will work together with my torche with out any problems, I'd very much appreciate your help!

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