Introduction to modding and assembling?


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Aug 17, 2011
So I'm interested in looking into models I can mod and potentially piecing together a customized light as a project to learn more about flashlights. I'm slowly working my way through the custom forum to learn more but would like to hear from you about your recommendations on where to start.
Many of the mods I've seen recently seem to be around the surefire brand. Are there other commonly modded brands? I also see a lot of terminology I have to catch up with (drop-ins, emitter types, etc) and site with a bit more time I'll be caught up.
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Mar 16, 2011
Convoy makes some good inexpensive hosts.


When first learning to mod I recommend starting with inexpensive lights. Sometimes lights get damaged when modding, especially when you're first learning how to mod. It isn't a big deal if you mess up and have to toss a $20 Convoy, but it would suck to screw up and have to toss a $200 Surefire.

Convoy lights are a good choice because there is a wide selection available, they are well built and they accept standard size generic parts, which makes learning your first mod quite a bit easier.

My recommendation: How about a driver and emitter swap on a Convoy S series light? You can get the driver, emitter, star, and host from Mountain Electronics. (Mountain Electronics is great... it's THE hobbyist shop for the flashlight modder).

If you want additional advice and guides on how to get started you might want to check out the other flashlight forum. In my experience, they have a much larger and more active community of amateur modders than CPF.
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Nov 20, 2014
P60 is also good for playing mods. Empty shells are dirt cheap, crappy modules are available for $8 and less. Mess up and junk the module, the host will be untouched (and hopefully undamaged.)

Swap the driver, swap the emitter on an existing module or get a bag of empty shells and go to town. You can play with aspheric optics, frosted optics, diffuser films, on and on and on. Try a triple or quad mule with carclo optics.

Its one of the reasons p60 rocks so much. If you need more voltage punch, you can go 2 cell. Play it safe with single 18650 battery. Extension tubes exist.

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