John B. Goodenough passes at age 100


Newly Enlightened
Sep 22, 2013
A great man has passed. "He was a leader at the cutting edge of scientific research throughout the many decades of his career."
Worked for the US army as a meteorologist during WWII.
PHD in Physics 1952.
24 years at MIT's Lincoln laboratory laying the groundwork for modern RAM memory.
He was head of inorganic chemistry at Oxford when he worked to stabilize the lithium-ion battery.
In 1986, at the age of 64, Goodenough joined the University of Texas where he served as a faculty member in the Cockrell School of Engineering for 37 years.

Goodenough became the oldest person to win a Nobel Prize when at the age of 97 he shared the 2019 chemistry award with Britain's Stanley Whittingham and Akira Yoshino of Japan for the invention of the lithium-ion battery. On receiving news of his Nobel, Goodenough expressed pride in the worldwide impact of his work. "I'm extremely happy that my discovery has been able to help communication through the world," he said.
"We need to build relationships, not wars. I am happy if people use this for good, not evil."

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