Just received an Inova T4. Observations, questions, mods?


Jun 23, 2003
I just received my Inova T4 from off of B/S/T and my first impressions are that it has the typical Inova quality that we're used to. In other words, very good.

First off, I would say the brightness is about what I expected. I would say it's roughly equivalent to a Sure-Fire KL1 head, but with more side-spill.

The feel is quality all the way around. The switch is a nice tactical clicky and in a nice place on the bezel. Very simple and intuitive to use. This is definately a task light. I would say it could be used as a tactical light, with the only iffy part of that being the brightness.

The light also has quite good throw with the TIROS optics for a run of the mill Luxeon III.

One observation I've made is that the charger only charges the battery to approximately 4.12V. The battery looks to be an 18650 with some OEM wrapping around it. It seems like the battery could be charged quite a bit more. It has the newer style charger in which the light is blue then changes to green when the charge cycle is complete.

Has anybody done any mods to these lights? I'm wondering what a Seoul P4 would be like under that optic. I can't tell for sure of the head will separate from the body, but it looks like it may. I'm not sure whether I can twist it off, or pull it off, if either.

All in all I like this light very much and the charger is very convenient. Seriously considering modding this light though I don't know where to start.
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Aug 19, 2006
Plattsburgh, NY
I am pretty sure someone modded on of these, and had a post about in the homemade and modified section. It looked like he had a B###H of a time getting that bezel apart!