Laser Module buys, Discreet Components, Chinese Sources & DVD 'writers'...Oh my!


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Feb 14, 2007
The sticky on the Buyers guide is great for high end and complete units for Green, Red and Blue handhelds.

Lurking here for awhile I've see more mods and directions for other high power laser "sources"...

Perhaps an 'experienced' CPL member could offer input for a a good Group Buy from such a secondary source for diodes, lenses, tubes and APC's. We can buy just the parts or assemble whole units ~100mW+

Please post you own links or other sources from foreign, domestic & others like DVD-R/W+ DL or moded pen pointers...etc.

I previously posted these sites: (some may be Asain sourced)

Chinese: (cheap? leaky IR?)

Shenzhen Lanling Technology Co., Ltd



Discreets: (bare diodes, APC PCB's, optics & parts)

Anyone familiar with any of these?

How about a replacement parts sources for DVD-R/W+ DL diodes? Sony or Sanyo? I'll check my HP internal sources for high power DL DVD burner parts, no need to tear apart old units for the diodes....

Supplier stereotypes-

US sites have best documentation and guarantees, but low power diodes running at specs but at highest prices.

Chinese sites have great prices, poor or no docs and widely varying specifications, no IR filters or very contradictory specs including IR power in outputs, over current etc. Reported Customs problems with Green >5mW packages that includes Batteries?

Discreet components require assembly of diodes & heatsinks, Modules and PCB's for APC/PCR as well as tubes, switches, optics etc... Compatability of components, power vs. cost and many issues to be discussed before any group buy.

Perhaps we can get samples before a large order or group bye? I use my "HP" badge as good leverage....:naughty:

Feel free to move this thread to a group buy "feeler" at anytime...

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