Laser Pointer with a Square/Flat Body


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Sep 14, 2021
Hey all,

First up, while I've never made an account on here I've gotten a lot of good advice from you guys over the years (my Armytek Wizard has served be well) so thank you that.

This time I'm looking for a fairly specific thing. I need a laser pointer that's bright enough to see in daylight and that has a flat sided (rather than round) body. I'm a sound engineer and part of that requires using calculation software to work out coverage for various PA systems. I'll often to need to fairly roughly but very quickly work out the slope of a field.

I currently use the pointer on a cheap laser distance measure taped to a digital level, but it really isn't bright enough for outdoors use. The pointer has to sit flush to the digital level in order to get an accurate readout, and I don't think it would be practical with a round one.

I'm not too worried about safety issues, it will generally be used in a completely empty field and only pointing at ground level. Ideally it would be powered with 18650s as I have loads already

If anyone can think of something that fits the bill it would be much appreciated!


Edit: Having just watched a bunch of videos of you guys setting fire to things I retract my statement about safety not being an issue 😁
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