legal issue as a collector of knifes,guns, lights?


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Dec 31, 2004
I heard on the news in Toronto, Canada where a pro bodyguard was arrested by police for possession of dangerous weapons. He had a variety of colt 45 handguns, AR15 auto rifles with plenty of ammo, surefire lights, a bunch of military, benchmade folders, shotguns. I am wondering if anyone know if a collector must have license to collect all of these toys? The guy did have license as bodyguard to carry handgun and his AR 15. Toronto cops are just paranoid when they see someone has more guns than necessary.


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Sep 23, 2004
Are you in Canada? Collection and ownership of guns, knives etc are a provincial and federal juristiction (in some cases perhaps municipal). I imagine if he was arrested for being in possesion of all those guns, he was arrested because he did not carry a license or the guns were not registered. Sure, he may have had a license for the handgun and the AR15 but he probably didn't have any license for the other guns. If you follow the laws of your country, you'll be fine. But bringing transporting or being in possesion of restricted firearms or unregistered firearms is a severe breach of the law. Those who don't follow the laws, well...they get arrested.

If you are unsure about your local laws, either contact the local authorities or contact a knowledgeable attorney.


PS: If you are in Canada, a good forum you might want to check out is But be aware that most legal advice given to you through the internet should be taken with caution.


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Sep 26, 2004
Good question. I do not know of any, but I imagine you should keep those locked up. I am sure if the cops bust you and find tons of weapons ready to go they will just think you are planning a murderish rampage.