Looking for a new light


Newly Enlightened
Nov 14, 2009
Hi, guys this is my first post but I have been lurking for a while I love the site it is very informative especially for someone that is just getting back into flashlights.

I'm looking for a light for my grandfather to use as a primary light. This light will be replacing a King Pelican and used in tropical waters mostly in the Caribbean. I don't think he would like a can light just for the extra work of strapping it on. Any type of hand held will do, heck he will be replacing a King Pelican so anything else will be smaller and lighter than that beast.

The budget he gave me is $250 but I think we can stretch it a few more dollars if needed.

I'm hopping to find something that will push at least 500 lumens and be a LED light. With no preference on batteries just what ever is the best to use.

Whats yall's opinions on the best light?