Looking for something specific.


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Sep 12, 2021

I'm a night guard so I've had quite a few flashlights and I've narrowed down a list of features I'd like but can't find a flashlight that matches them all I come here in the hope someone might be able to point me in the right direction.

1. Rechargeable, preferably with the magnetic cord type so I can charge it each day and not have to constantly buy batteries or line up the cords to plug in.

2. The button only turns it on and off. I don't understand this trend of all the modes but it's really annoying to constantly have to push a button 4 or 5 times.

3. The button being on the butt of the flashlight. This always makes finding it quicker and easier in the dark I've found.

4. It must have a lanyard loop on the butt. I carry it 8 hours at a time and need both hands free frequently to operate gates and locks and its way quicker and easier to just drop it.

5. Must be waterproof. I work entirely outside.

6. Must be light weight. The lighter the better. Every gram counts when you're talking cumulative wrist strain.

7. This one makes it difficult to find since it seems only cheap brands do it but it would be great if it was rubberized on the outside and in a neon color as opposed to black and metal. Neon colors make it easier to find when dropped and I just find rubber more comfortable when using for such long periods and it doesn't scratch things when swinging from your wrist and bumping into stuff like the work truck.

8. Zoomable and bright. Obviously this is the whole point of the flashlight in the first place. I have a preference for the telescoping type of zoom cause it's easy to do one handed but the twist type would work also but I need to be able to see well near and far too do my job.

9. At least 8 hours battery life. The more the better.

10. Slightly bigger than the hand. Too small or too big is awkward to use. Around 6 inches in length would be ideal.

I greatly appreciate your time in reading this.


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Apr 30, 2015
Can't think of anything with all of those attributes, but the Streamlight Stinger 2020 might be worth a look.