MagCharger replacement and E2 question.



Since 1988, I've been using a MagCharger in my vehicle. Always handy, and always there when I needed it. From deep woods camping trips to saving a drunk 17 year old who flew off the highway at 3am Christmas Morning landing in a tree.

But, I just purchased a new vehicle and I can not find a place to mount the MagCharger. Actually, I have not been looking that hard as I think the MagCharger will go live in the shed as a utility light and I want something a little more "sexy" for the new BMW.

In looking at various options, I stumbled onto this site. While the SureFire 10X looks like the coolest light around, I think that the 9N would be the best choice to fit the car. I like the idea that I could install the charger in the glovebox and then use some clips to keep the flashlight itself on the underside of the dash.

My question is how does the 9N (or is it 9AN?) compare to the MagCharger? In particular, does anyone have a picture of the two side by side? I used the measurements off the website to see if the light will 'fit', but a picture will help me visualize the size better.

While I love the power of the MagCharger, I don't always need nearly that much light. (Rather annoying when you grab your flashlight at 3am to go visit a tree while camping and ending up blind). The low power bulb in the 9N seems like a great alternative. But I'd hate to loose the full power of that MagCharger when it comes to other chores. And before you tell me that I should get multiple lights, I used to do that and it became a pain. Lost many little lights over the years that way.

On another front. My dad is a water service inspector for a large city and carries a dual AA MiniMag to do his work. Many times he's complained that he would prefer his old Everready 2 D-cell light over the MiniMag. I know that he does not use the MiniMag all that often, so I was thinking that a SureFire E2 would make a great Christmas gift. Just curious how the size of the E2 compares to the MiniMag. Anyone with a picture?

Thanks for the great forum, learned a lot spending an hour here.


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Jul 2, 2001
I think, the 9AN would be a good option for your BMW. You could even go for the smaller 8AX, which is also rechargeable. The lights are very small compared to the Magcharger and do both deliver a little less light (unprofessionaly said
). But the beams of both (and all surefires) are much better. Anyway they should be more than sufficient for the tasks you mentioned.

But, if you do not use it often, I would recommend a Lithium powered Flashlight for into your car. (I have a Surefire 6P mounted in my glovebox; small, efficient, bright enough to enlight an accident scene by night or to blind a potential threat...)

Regarding the E2:
Anybody wearing a 2AA Mag on a regularly base will
1. have no problem carrying the E2
2. NEVER want to carry any other small light with him.
For pictures of all mentioned lights you may visit


Byron Walter

May 21, 2001
Stow, OH
While I no longer have a minimag, I do have an E2. I'd guess that the E2 is about the same diameter and about 1/2 the length. Better yet, it's approximately as bright as my 4c Mag (not sure which is brighter). Soon there should be a lower power lamp available for the E2 as well, giving it even more versatility.

BTW, one day I compared my E2 someone's MiniMag. At first we thought the Mag was broken... it wasn't. What a difference!



Actually, I use my vehicle flashlight quite often. It would be a fortune in batteries to use a non-rechargable. (the reason I got the MagCharger in the first place)

I live in a very rural area and just about everything I do at night finds me grabbing the light.

I'm on my third battery pack, and the light doesn't last very long, so I need a new battery anyway. The reason I'm thinking about the 9N is that I can keep a battery on the charger and then use one in the light until it is DEAD. Ensuring that I do a full discharge every time.

How do you know you you carry a flashlight too much? The neighbor's kids asks you to do that "flipping thing" with it.

For some reason, I am not going to miss shoving the MagCharger into my back pocket to free my hands. Doing that with something as small as the 9N should be MUCH less uncomfortable.

As for pictures, I was hoping for a side by side shot to see relative sizes.



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Jun 2, 2001
Chesterfield MI
Cant help with pictures but having an older 9N it is a very good choice for a rechargeable, I find my self using the smaller lamp more than I expected for times when I dont need all of that wonderfull light.
As for the comparison of the main lamp compared to the Mag charger, I also don't have a Magcharger (YET!) but you have come to the right place and I'm sure that someone in this forum has both lights, and can help you make an informative choice.
If you need a place to compare prices may I suggest I have purchased about 10 different lights from them and have never had a problem.