Maintaining Your New Mini MKIII

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Mar 12, 2011
Champlain Valley
Get the most from your Mini.
If there's one thing we obsess over, it's quality. We want every flashlight that ships out of this shop to be of the highest quality possible.
We strive to make the most durable, most reliable flashlights anywhere, and put our warranty where our mouth is.
That said, almost any quality product you buy with moving parts and electrical components will require routine maintenance. Some more than others, yes, but few things last forever forever without a little TLC.
Enter the Maintenance Kits (seen above).
The included Nano-Oil is a proprietary formula designed specifically for metal-to-metal contact applications. It works incredibly well on flashlight threads and O-rings.
Your Maintenance Kit, should you choose to accept (buy) it will also include 2 body O-rings specific to your flashlight – in this case, the Mini/Turbo.
It doesn't take much, and a little goes a long way.
Click below to grab a Maintenance Kit or scroll down to explore additional Maintenance solutions.
Munky Spunk (2CC)
Munky Spunk is the ultimate solution to rough titanium or stainless threads. This stuff works when nothing else will...even Nano Oil. I'm not even kidding. High viscosity ensures it stays where you put it. Careful though, a little dab 'll do ya.​
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