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Sold/Expired MD3 , MD2 & MDC are all sold!

Apr 2, 2022
Hello all,

I have some special malkoffs to get rid of, as I've really enjoyed them but no longer need them. ALL will include batteries for your convenience. Md3 has had these batteries married from the beginning, as you all know please be safe using married cells. Only a couple charge cycles in these batteries as I've been using primaries lately. Some wear on these as expected but function perfectly! Shipped via USPS and I accept PayPal F&F please. No notes when sending payment please. All of these have been used and carried and priced accordingly. Message me with any questions you may have. Shipped CONUS only.

Thanks CPF!

Malkoff md3 with older knurled body and tailcap with a cren Mdx head, m91bw, high/low ring. Some wear on body, thrym LPC clip. $160 shipped Malkoff spacer under tailcap to have proper fitment with KP batteries. Remove if you want to use primaries. *$OLD*

Malkoff MD2 now with the cren Mdx head off the md3! , aluminum retaining ring, m61WL with a lovely tint. Thrym switchback. Some wear on body.
$OLD shipped I will also throw in a Prometheus TI clip that's sitting around that I won't use.

Malkoff VME/ 18650 MDC UNshrouded body, m61W with a lovely tint, VME has some wear on head from use and body might also have some wear. Unshrouded body has been so easy to use but do expect accidental activation if carried in pocket. I always carried in my pocket shirt. $100 shipped *$OLD*

Buyer of the MD3 requested the standard MDX head, Cren MDX head will now be sold with the MD2 and the price was adjusted as such. Now including a TI Prometheus clip with the MD2 that I do not need.
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