Millennium proof 2024


Newly Enlightened
Dec 4, 2023
Hemel Hempstead UK
As its New Year I have been using my Millennium proof light. If its tough enough to break through from 1999 it will surely make it through to 2024...right? Let's see.


This one has some history. Back in the 1980's a very similar light was sold as the Philips SBC 2002, boasting halogen bulb. This light is the first time I encountered halogen lamps in a torch. It is unusual in that like other earlier halogen bulbs the effect is a shimmery light - almost like a mirage.



I was pleasantly surprised to see very similar lights available now on eBay still at a low price so I had to have one...or two :)
So how do the Millennium Proof ones stack up against the originals?

It's so similar it's almost identical. However a new model number has been given- SBC 2001. It has also lost the halogen bulb, being just a standard PR type. The lanyard has also moved from the bottom to the top. The reflector has a touch more texture too (I added the halogen bulb).

It feels a touch lighter too. Having used the original so much - it fits under a sweater and can't get lost - I value this style of light. Shame they never really took off.
The beam is unusual but useful. Pull the front down to light it.

However, and this is a big however, the new version suffered with the plastic pip that operates the switch wearing away very quickly. It was easy to repair with JB Weld so it's not going to wear again for a long time but still, obvious cutbacks.

If its Millennium proof it must be 2024 proof by default? Well apart from the switch issues, yes definitely. I'm taking it out as an EDC. It's easy to carry and the lanyard is a plus.

So if you fancy a cheap new incan you could do worse. The design and operation is novel and useful. Shame about the switch but nothing gets better made over time does it?