More about charging xtar 1.5V AA/AAA Li-ion batteries

XTAR Light

Apr 26, 2010
For xtar rechargeable 1.5V AA/AAA Li-ion battery, its principle is a 3.6V Li-ion battery being stepped down to a 1.5V constant voltage output through a regulating circuit module. The 1.5V Li-ion battery integrates an efficient charge & discharge management chip. For charging them suitable, it needs charging voltage range around 4.75-5.5V, and charging current around 0.45±0.05A. So the common 3.6V Li-ion chargers couldn't charge the 1.5V AA/AAA Li-ion batteries properly. It's suggested to use compatible XTAR 1.5V Li-ion battery chargers for changing safely and efficiently!

For example, to charge xtar 1.5V 4150mWh AA Li-ion battery on L4 charger, there is specially designed TC-CC-CV three-stages charging method for xtar 1.5V Li-ion battery. For its internal cell, trickle-charge (TC): 2V-2.9V; constant-current stage (CC): 3V-4.1V; constant-voltage stage (CV): 4.1V-4.2V

XTAR L4 is compatible with AA/AAA NiMH batteries and the majority of 1.5V Li-ion batteries from different brands. Please check the currently tested brands and models via this link:

three stages charging.gif