Need suggestion for tiny keychain flashlight (replacing Photon Micro-Light II)


Newly Enlightened
Oct 4, 2004
South Carolina
I've had a Wuben (check Amazon) on my key ring for almost two years now and it has worked well. Rechargeable 10180 battery lasts about 6 hours on low (10 lumens) and maybe 20 minutes on high (130 lumens). Unscrew cap and recharge with usb. 1.6 inches long by 0.5 inch diameter. Its a twisty so won't accidentally turn on. Might be a little larger than you want though.


Jul 16, 2012
I have actually gone back to the Photon II for key chain use over the Freedom. The Freedom is a great light (I have not had any switch failures at all with mine) but it does turn on accidentally in pocket too often IME.I never had problems with the Photon II since the slide switch on mine seems to be stiff enough to prevent accidental activation. It may get a momentary activation on occasion but that isn't an issue for me as it does not put significant drain on the battery to run the batteries down like constant on does. Is it momentary activation that is plaguing you or is the slide switch getting turned on? If it is the slide switch a new Photon II with a stiffer switch might do the trick.

Same here. I never have mine turn on, either by the button or the clear switch. The problem is, once you get used to it everything else seems so BIG on a keychain. I thought about upgrading it, but they decided to make the key fob on newer Jeeps the size of a watermelon, so I really want to keep everything else to a minimum.