New in box Pentagonlight X3 modified to LED


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Oct 28, 2007
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Here's the build log of my old X3

I just picked up a NIB Pentagonlight X3 that I bought on the auction website.


Here it is compared to my other Pentagonlights. The new X3 is on top, the old X3 in the middle, and the X2 on the bottom.

This photo shows the reflector assembly from my older X3, the new reflector assembly, and the X2 reflector minus the lamp assembly. The brass piece threads into the reflector assembly and then the Lumens Factory E2 drop-in is inserted into the assembly to make it work. The hole in the reflector needs to be opened up to about 6.4mm from about 6mm.

This photo shows the different heads disassembled into their component parts.

I machined a collar that fits into the end of the body tube to provide both the negative contact as well as a thermal path for the drop-in. The Lumens Factory Surefire E2 LED conversion is pressed into the collar and it all goes together. Inside the collar is a piece of plastic that is pressed in to separate the positive spring from the negative collar.

This is what the two light outputs look like. The new X3 is on the left and it produces a similar amount of output compared to the old X3. The old X3 is a three mode light, though, while the new one is a single mode light. The hot spot on the new light appears to be tighter than the older one.

In summary, it was an easy mod to do since the only machining was for the collar, insulation sleeve, and a brass piece for the positive spring. I might make a new collar out of copper for better heat transfer but for now it looks like it works quite well as it is.