Nexstar Bulb Pics


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Oct 26, 2000
(I'd suggest the ARC AAA for your LED light. You'll love it.)

I have a Brinkman Legend AA flashlight. Does anybody know if the standard bulb in that is the Nexstar?



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Jun 19, 2001
I would also recommend the Arc-AAA for a small LED light.

If you want an even smaller keychain light, I would recommend a Inova Microlight - the on-off switch is MUCH larger and easier to use than the Photon 2. Batteries are a bit more expensive than the Arc, though. Pics of both are available on my site - click the graphic below and go to "Reviews".


Nov 24, 2001
Garland, Tx.
The Brinkmann Legend AA does NOT have the Nexstar uses a "standard" T-1 bi-pin bulb much like the Mini-Mag bulb. I agree the Nexstar AA bulb is a BIG improvement to the Mini-Mag 2AA light. Many will lament the fact that Maglite sticks to their tried & true designs, but I believe their quality is high & many "innovations" are over-rated....i.e. solutions for problems which don't exist. The first thing a flashlight has to do is work when you need it to & IMHO, Maglites score very well there, despite not being "high-tech".


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Nov 16, 2001
St. Pete, Fl.
Just got my Nexstar 2AA bulbs. It only took a week for the order. Thanks to the group for their advice and also to Gandalf for the link to Brinkman.
Took these shots in the garage, sorry about the quality, did the best I could with what I got (Kodack DC215 Digi-Cam). Loaded my 2AA Mini-Mag with fresh Energizer alkalines, and placed it approx. 10 feet from the wall, then set camera on highest exposure.
From what I can see the Nexstar is brighter, giving a whiter light. The wide beam shots originally came out black, but I hit the "instant fix" on the Adobe photo-shop and they are now as you see them. Wasn't at exactly the same spot when taking the wide beams, so I'm wondering if the brightness difference is due to that, because they don't seem as differing to the naked eye as does the pics.
All in all I'm satisfied with the slightly higher output and brighter/whiter light of the Nexstar, well worth the $5 (free shipping included) that I spent.
Also included ascan of the two bulbs together. Seems that the Mag bulb has ribs on it, the Nexstar is smooth, what difference,if any, does this make?
Now it's time to find myself a small inexpensive LED light. Need one for looking at my radio in the dark, need one that has a constant on/off, unlike the key-chain units which seem ti be popular right now, of course that may be the route I go if I don't find one that I'm satisfied with.