Nitecore Dilemma



Hey everyone, first post here at CPF.

So I have a dilemma, I recently fell in love with the Nitecore Smart PD series of lights. However, it seems I'm late to the party as Nitecore has discontinued its D10 series. Normally, I would just get a D11 (I do like the looks of it more than the D10) but the battery drain issue seriously concerns me.

I've read through the D11 thread here on CPF and from what I have summed up the D11 is flawed in these ways:

-Shortcuts to hi/lo replaced with strobe/SOS.

-Tail end does not have room for clip and does not tailstand as well as the D10.

-Some longer Li-ion batteries will not work with it.

-Parasitic battery drain. (somehow this makes it really bad to use the light with alkaline batteries, can someone explain?)

Now all of these problems I can deal with, except the battery drain. If I EDC a light I have to know its reliable. I don't care how many modes it has it just has to work when I need it. Can someone explain if this battery drain problem is blown out of proportion or if it's really cause for concern?

Also, if the D11 is not really a viable option, does anyone know anywhere still selling D10s? I know they come up in the marketplace occasionally but they get snatched up so quickly and I'm not really patient enough stalk the marketplace all the time.

Or, does anyone know how long it takes Nitecore normally to release updates to their lines? This may be wishful thinking, but maybe Nitecore will fix these problems in the next iteration.