Noctigon KR4 Quinta Ti - Osram W1 6000k & Nichia 219B 3500k - One Year Report


Flashlight Enthusiast
Apr 19, 2005
I carry kr4 for over a year, use it almost daily, mine is single channel 219b 5000k, I can not relate to switch issue, my thumb covers entire tailcap, so any way i press it, it makes a positive contact, as far as tube, mine is all aluminum, so internal tube and body have same expansion ratio, never had any issues, maybe his issues were caused by different materials used, aluminum internal tube, titanium body. with different expansion ratios as well as different heat conductive index. I'm very pleased with it, i can light up paper on fire with it with fresh battery, but it needs to be dark paper, white paper is smoking but it wont catch a flame.