Review SKILHUNT ESKTE H150 - Nichia 519A High CRI 4500K

Dec 3, 2012


Thanks FLASHLIGHTGO for sending me the Skilhunt H150 headlamp for review.

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ESKTE H150 is available in four colours: black, grey, green and orange with CREE XP-L2 6500K or Nichia 519A High CRI 4500K Led. The version I chose and reviewed is the green one with LED Nichia 519A white 4500k high cri.
ESKTE H150 is a small head torch that has a user interface managed by a single button and a TIR optical system that allows a wide illumination, ideal for reading activities and small excursions. H150 (Nichia 519A High CRI) has a maximum output of 480 lumens and is classified IP66 (protected against strong jets of water from any direction and sea water).
ESKTE H150 is sold with an 800mAh rechargeable lithium battery in 14500 format which allows it to have a maximum autonomy of 50 days (L2, 0.2 lumen). Charging is done via a magnetic charging port by plugging in the supplied proprietary cable.
At the tail it has a strong magnet and has the possibility of an electronic lock to prevent involuntary activations.
The H150 is a fairly powerful, compact and lightweight head torch useful for many activities, in particular, for camping, hiking, fishing, home use, work, car and bicycle.
Main features:
LED: CREE XP-L2 6500K / Nichia 519A High CRI R9080 4500K
Max output: CREE Cool White ANSI 650 Lumens, Nichia High CRI ANSI 480 Lumens
Max runtime: 55 days
Max beam distance: 14500 : 92m (XP-L2 HD) / 95m (NVSW519AT), Ni-MH : 54m (XP-L2 HD) / 56m (NVSW519AT)
Max peak beam intensity: 14500 : 2100cd (XP-L2 HD) / 2250cd (NVSW519AT), Ni-MH : 730cd (XP-L2 HD) / 790cd (NVSW519AT)
Waterproof: IPX-8
Impact resistant: 1 Meter
Battery: 1×14500 , 1x AA
Rated Range: 0.8V ~ 4.2V
Dimensions and weight:
Dimensions: L79.8mm / 3.14″, Head diameter 21.4mm / 0.84 ".
Peso: 33 g / 1.16 oz (senza batteria)
Within 15 days of purchase any manufacturing defects will be offered free replacement of the defective part by SKILHUNT dealers. Within 24 months from the date of purchase. SKILHUNT offers free repair after service. (Batteries excluded) - Limited Lifetime Warranty. SKILHUNT will still provide warranty service. Labor is free but we will charge for parts. The total repair fee is based on the cost of the replaced materials. Freight should be paid by customers.

Note: The above parameters are only approximate, using high quality lithium battery in laboratory environmental testing. Since then the product performance may change different battery or different use of the environment.

The packaging:
ESKTE H150 arrives in a cardboard box. Inside the package we find the new ESKTE H150 with the 800mAh lithium battery in 14500 format and the accessories which are:
User Manual, Spare O-ring, Lanyard, Clip, Headband, Magnetic Charging Cable.

ESKTE H150 next to other Headlamp.
From left: Nitecore HC68 (18650), ESKTE H150 (14500), Acebeam H15 (18650) e Olight Perun Mini (16340)

ESKTE H150 is certified IPX-8 (submersible in water up to 2 meters deep for a maximum of 30 minutes) with impact resistance of 1 meter. ESKTE H150 is lightweight weighing only 52g with battery included and 100g with battery and headband included. The dimensions are also compact; H150 is only 79.8 mm long and is easily worn by its well-designed elastic headband. The green color is beautiful and the lettering is well made.
The ** elastic band ** that we find in the ESKTE H150 package was a pleasant surprise. It is light, well made and comfortable with a silicone insert for a better grip.
Also equipped with an upper band, it is easy to adjust and has a 360° rotatable bracket with a rubber interior. H150 once inserted (even with the Clip) remains firmly in place and can easily rotate on itself.
The new bracket is also useful hooked to the shoulder strap or in the back of a backpack to be close at hand in case of need.
On the head of the ESKTE H150 we find the projector, the electronic button and above the magnetic charging port.
There are also quite deep cooling fins.
The projector features a TIR optical system with a honeycomb lens surrounded by a slightly protruding bezel that offers discreet protection. H150 is equipped with two different types of LEDs. The one chosen by me is the Nichia 519A High CRI R9080 4500K with a maximum output of 480 lumens. I chose this LED above all for the quality of the high CRI colour, later confirmed in the measurements I made with the OPPLE Light Master.
The beam of the ESKTE H150 reaches the maximum brightness of 480 lumens and covers a maximum distance of 95 meters.

The electronic ignition button, with which we will manage the H150, is made of rubber with a status LED in the centre. Very nice design and tactile feeling. The click is loud and decisive.

Energy indicator:
Each time you turn it on, the side indicator will light up for 5 seconds to display the battery charge.
Constant Blue: 100% - 80%
Flashing Blue: 80% - 50%
Constant Red: 50% - 20%
Flashing red: 20% - 0

The magnetic charging port is located on the top of the head.
Via the proprietary MC-10 cable it is possible to connect "on the fly" to start recharging the battery.
The base is equipped with a LED which will be red when recharging or blue when recharging is complete.
You can use the flashlight while charging.

ESKTE H150 consists of 2 parts; head with body and tail. For the contacts with the battery we have a negative plated spring and a positive plated button. The right direction for inserting the supplied 14500 is indicated on the tube. ESKTE H150 has reverse polarity protection.

The battery supplied with the headlamp is a Li-ion 14500 of 800mAh 2A (BL-108). During my tests, it took me about 1 hour to fully recharge the battery.
ESKTE H150 can also be powered by Ni-MH batteries with lower brightness but greater autonomy.

Body and Tail have knurling to improve grip and the supplied lanyard can be inserted into the tail cap.

ESKTE H150 has a powerful tail magnet to easily attach to metal objects.



Click the side switch to turn the light on/off. When the light is turned off, it will store the current brightness level or mode.
  • When the flashlight was off:
    Switch to the memory layer with a single click (H-M1-M2).
    Double-clicking quickly switches to Turbo(T1/T2) mode.
    Quickly switch to Strobe mode (S1/S2/S3) with a triple click.
    Press and hold the switch for 0.5 seconds in Low mode (L1/L2).
  • When the flashlight was on (T1/T2, H/M1/M2, L1/L2)
    Press and hold the switch to automatically cycle, the level is selected when the side switch is released, shutdown stored.
    When the flashlight was on Memory level (H/M1/M2)
    Quick double clicks transfer the memory layer to Turbo, quickly repeat the double clicks to return to the memory layer.
    Quick triple clicks change the Strobe transfer, quickly repeat triple clicks to return to the memory level.
    Quickly click and hold to move the memory level to Low, repeat quick click and hold to return to the memory level.
    When the flashlight was on (S1/S2/S3)
    Quickly double click switches S1-S2-S3 transfer, power off memorized.
    When the flashlight is off, quickly click the switch 4 times to enter the button lock mode (activating the location indicator at the same time, the indicator light flashes every second. Double clicks can turn on/off the indicator). Quickly click the switch 4 times, the button unlocks and turns on low memory mode.
    When the battery voltage drops below 3.0V, the indicator flashes twice every 2 seconds, the light flashes quickly every 2 minutes at the same time.
    When the battery voltage drops below 2.7V, the light turns off.


in the Nichia 519A version at 4500K has a very nice beam colour, even if less bright. The CCT (color temperature) and Ra (color rendering) values taken with the OPPLE Light Master, two meters away from the sensor are very interesting with a really high CRI. The values, from the low to the high level, do not vary much, we are on values of 4250 CCT and 97.5 Ra. No PWM visible to the eye.

The beam of the ESKTE H150 is clean without artifacts and spread between spots and spills with a neutral white color. With the high level H1 (250 lumens) we have excellent brightness during the walk for almost 70 minutes.


The adjustment of the ESKTE H150 is excellent.
The runtime tests were performed indoors with the supplied battery fully charged (4.17V).
In Turbo T1 (480 lumens) the brightness is reduced to about half (50%) just after one minute after switching on.
Subsequently the brightness remains constant up to over minute 66 where there is a first sudden drop followed by another lowering of brightness and then, once the autonomy is over, when it is switched off.
In Turbo T2 (320 lumens) the decrease in brightness occurs 3 minutes after switching on. Here, too, there is a constant trend before the start of battery depletion.
In High H1 (250 lumens)
With this level of light, the brightness is constant from switching on up to over 67 minutes.
In all levels when you run out of battery, the brightness will suddenly drop and the flashlight will start flashing (three flashes) every two minutes to indicate that the battery is low.
The first 10 minutes:


VIDEO Unboxing e Uso


SKILHUNT ESKTE H150 Unboxing and Use

Skilhunt ESKTE H150
is a small headlamp but big in its features. Excellent materials including the precise switch without hesitation. The quality of the ** light beam is remarkable with a high color rendering ** which allows to correctly represent the colors of the objects it illuminates. ESKTE H150 supports, as power supply, lithium-ion and NiMH batteries and has convenient and fast magnetic charging. There is also a strong magnet in the tail to anchor the small front when necessary to ferrous materials. Complete the package including an excellent band and support to wear it on the head.
ESKTE H150 is certainly recommended for those who need a compact and small headlamp to illuminate small paths or for everyday use in small household jobs.
Thanks for reading the review.