NPI - Streamlight Protac 2.0s


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Apr 24, 2015
Phoenix, AZ USA
I don't know if it's been mentioned here yet, but it's a slow news day, so here's a little NPI FYI to stir the pot a bit.

SL has released 3 new models of lights in a new ProTac 2.0 series. There's a basic hand-held, a weapon-mount version, and a headlight. These provide them with a seat at the 'single-cell ~5000mAh' (nominally 21700) table, with others to follow I'm sure.

As always, go to the product page for the specific model, then open the 'Documentation(+)' list to access the good complete info / docs such as Fact Sheet, Data Sheet, etc.

I looked at the basic hand-held version, and it appears to check most/all of the boxes that my own much-liked ProTacs do (TenTap, 2-meter impact rating, etc), with an added boost in available horsepower and cruising range provided thanks to the increased power supply capability. That increased output and run-time may be of interest to some, particularly to heavy pro users as I was until recently. I don't currently need that additional performance and thus am naturally not inclined to give up or sacrifice anything to get it (always tradeoffs), but might be interested if I have such need again - but not at this point.

If you're personally allergic to non-generic / industry standard power supplies / cells / batteries, then the 'Back' button is appropriate for you at this point.

These new products are designed around this 'bespoke' / custom-packaged, branded OE cell package:

The package is 'keyed' for indexing / locating the cell in the light to facilitate connections and the implementation of the in-light charging feature of this light, which is accessed via a port in the light body which is covered by a sliding, O-ring sealed 'collar'. If I were interested in the light (which again, I'm not) I'd want to use that capability since I currently have no 21700 cells, and did not wake up in the mood to buy any new chargers today. I'm sure many potential buyers are also in that category.

As a long-term lover and user of Strions, you know I'm not allergic to a custom cell on face value or general principles. I'll just say that my computer's telling me that this cell is priced the same as the comparable 21700 cells with USB charging which are qualified, branded, and supported by other responsible / reputable flashlight manufacturers such as Fenix, Nitecore, etc., and $5 more than a standard (non-OE-branded) KP 21700 sold by Malkoff (which lacks the USB charging and thus should cost a tick less). Given that, these cells (one of which is included with a light of course) are priced fairly and "market-correct". Given that over the years I've never 'retired' a Strion cell and have always been happy with them, if SL says this is a good cell, I'm inclined to believe them and have no reason to doubt it.

I did note that the 'Fact Sheet' on this light currently lacks the customary 'output / time' graph normally seen on the lower-right corner of the page, but it's early days as apparently these lights are not yet even shipping, and are in 'pre-order' status at my distributor of choice. That graph may well be added later.

Again, 'no dog in this hunt', but check it out if interested in these 3 new products - or not. I'll pass for now, but am glad to see SL's entering this product segment. I'm sure the other big 'S' company will be following suit shortly. Yeah, right.


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Jun 9, 2005
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Cool! Thanks for sharing. I found a YouTube video on it and now I’ve ordered one. Ticks a lot of boxes for me. Also, what’s NPI? Lol.


Aug 9, 2015
John 3:16
Since my car, my camera, my iPen, my Stinger, my ML150, and lots of other things use a proprietary battery I'm not allergic to them by any means.

Kudos to Streamlight for continuing to advance their line up of available products but I think I'll stick with my 2015-ish Streamlight products since they still work great.

Thanks for the info AZ


Mar 29, 2017
I am more for duel fuel not specialty batteries you can't swap on the fly or replace when worn out.