Okluma DC2 high amp switch mod


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Jan 10, 2007
Los Angeles
Hi Guys, I have a Okluma DC2 where I run high amp 18650 batteries. I burned a few McClicky switches on this DC2 back in 2018, so, I installed a SkyLumen, Vinh, FS54 "short spring" high drain forward clicky in the DC2. I have it for many years now and it still functions perfectly. It fits well, works well, and is still waterproof. I thought I would finally post the parts and fitment for others wanting this. I had to use Vinh's washer in front to make the spacing and grip on the rubber boot work well. I also had to grind down the washer on my grinder a little, and I manually sanded down the circuit board and the corners of the switch to get through the threads. The flashlight is much brighter now and the switch seems bullet proof. I really , really like it. It works much better in this flashlight than the McGizmo McClicky.

Note: This only works on the Okluma DC2, not on the DC1. The DC2 McClicky mounts from inside the tube, while on the DC1, the McClicky mounts from the back of the tube like normal. See pics.

Disclaimer - I am not responsible for any accidents with this mod. With high amp batteries, and this mod, your DC2 will get very, very hot quickly on direct drive -- Hot enough to burn your hand very quickly. For mature audiences only. I would also recommend that you never loan out your DC2 to anyone while Direct Drive or any high output mode is enabled.

I am attaching some pics of the installation of the FS54 switch for your reference. Thanks.






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