Old Every Ready 6V Handheld Lantern LED Replacement Recommendation


May 20, 2007
London UK
I have an old Every Ready handheld spotlight/flashlight that takes 2 6V lantern batteries, but still runs at 6V.

Any recommendations for a replacement LED emitter for the standard bulb ??

Its a good thrower on the standard bulb as the reflector is about 5 inches across.
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Oct 26, 2005
SE Michigan
CAREFUL! Check the polarity, most lanterns have the center of the bulb driven negative, the outside of the case positive. The Sears Craftsman bulb WILL blow if you hook it up in reverse. I used one, with a Seoul modded onto it (VERY easy to do) in a 6v lantern by modding the battery. The cheap plastic cases of most carbon 6v lantern batteries can be cracked open near the top edge by driving a knife blade in at the corners, working your way around. You can just re-connect the wires from the existing crappy cells, or put in something better. I had some 26650 cells from a laptop pack, and I put four of those in, wired in parallel. This drives the Craftsman bulb very nicely, and runs a LONG time. The bulb does get quite warm (hot), and there is no heat sinking in my lantern, which is typical, but it seems to be driven just low enough that the LED can survive a good while, no problems yet. Good luck!

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