Olight ODIN tape switch / tail cap MODS?


Newly Enlightened
May 18, 2020
Wondering if the Olight Odin tape switch or end cap can be replaced by something else? My switch failed and upon its replacement it also failed. Its a decent bright light but its not suited for its intended job at this point.

How mine failed. It would turn on by itself. It would also fail to turn off, or fail to turn on. If I rubbed the cap like a wheel it would turn on. Presumably the wire gave out. Not by any rough handling. They replaced it after a few weeks of emailing and in a month or so sent me a new one. The new one failed out of box. I am done with its trust. Sadly I was excited when they came out as the smaller pistol light seemed decent.

If there is a alternative cap or switch I would try and salvage it. I really don't want a magnetic thumb button. Allen wrenches already showed me its not a good plan B.