Olight Seeker 4 mini question


Newly Enlightened
Apr 14, 2014
I picked one of these up and am quite happy with it, but have a UI question I'm hoping someone here can answer. It has to do with getting out of turbo mode. If I am in low, double click to turbo, and then double click again, it brings me back to low. Same with medium - start with medium, double click to turbo, and double click back to medium. But if I am in high and double click to turbo, when I double click again, it takes me back to medium, not high. Can anyone confirm if this is normal or not?
Jan 11, 2020
Dayton, Ohio
That has that strange rather sparse user manual which doesn't explain much. This is a function on a few of their lights, always dropping back to medium or lower when double-clicking out of turbo.

Seeker 3:
TURBO AND RETURN: Quickly double click the side switch to enter into Turbo, double click again to return. If the memorized mode were High or Medium, the output is Medium; if the memorized mode were Low or Moonlight, the output is the memorized mode.

I've also seen some other lights that have a real direct-FET turbo go back to a lower setting because the cell voltage has crashed. :cool: