pimpin for da cat


Jun 27, 2002
well, not really, but i'm happy with their product, and my 15 mile off road mtn bike ride tonite in the pitch black of an encloded ex-railroad trail.

www.turbocatusa.com is the company. the products are the trailguide headlamp (TG10 with TGNC) and the S25 (with NWB). both provide basically 3.1 hours of light. since it's all over driven, the HL provides 12 watts and the S25 is 12+19=31 watts with 43 watts total, not too shabby.

while i was out, and entering a trail system, i spooked a couple local cops looking for kids. they said "we saw someone with lights as bright as ours overtaking us from behind, we had no idea what it was because you were quiet" :> after a quick chat establishing me as a reliabe sane local adult citizen, we got to talking about lights; they had stingers. not bad. my bike lights were brighter.

i also had some mini bungies and some lights to try out in pure dark: arc-ls, badboy in minimag, an X5 white and blue, arc-aaa, and a cmg ultra.

let's just say, that the arc-aaa and cmg ultra were not up to riding with, but good for walking around with - quite good. the blue X5 was spooking to ride with, adequate and like the white X5 expensive if usuable for 5-8 mph riding. the luxeons are a tad better for throw, so they were better...

since i like bombing along at 10-15 mph, the turbocats pay for themselves on these super pleasant Fall evenings of late season riding. wait... i said late? i discoverd steel studded SNOW/ICE tires made by hakkkapalita for mtn bikes :> woo hoo.