Please suggest me a UK alternative to acebeam

Feb 17, 2013
Hi. I really like the Acebeam E70 but it is not available in the UK. It seems that it can be purchased from an online store in china that I might not be allowed to mention. But it is not clear to me if there are customs issues lurking with a battery, for instance. Also the return if there are problems with it. Nothing that hasn't been heard about pros/cons of buying from there.
Unfortunately searching in Ama9zon Uk is no better.
However the results in there push Olight branded results.
Could someone suggest an Olight that is kind of equivalent?
The use is camping and house/garden duties. I currently have a 18650 battery charger but I like the sound of new battery types but not proprietary ones.

Some suggestions for the UK please.


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Jan 18, 2018
I’m not in the UK, so I’m not really sure what would be available there. But some possible options might be Fenix, Lumitop, Nitecore, or Emissar.

If you gave more of the actual characteristics you are wanting and budget that might help in getting better suggestions.