Pocket clips


Mar 29, 2017
I am looking for good pocket clips for my HDS LE light and one for my Elzetta alpha. I have seen that Thyrm makes one that fits the Elzetta. I do not like the factory speed clip because it reminds me too much of the maglite handheld ones. Which slide around and don't work well. I also saw that HDS makes one but its also not dual carry clip. So I guess my question is, what options are out there?


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Mar 8, 2022
Western PA
HDS has limited options. Best option would be is to purchase the Ti Prometheus clip made for Surefire 6P and bore it out with dremel. Make sure about every 10 seconds of grinding to dunk it in water so it does not get hot enough and snap. I've done quite a few in my day

Other option is the SS Oveready universal clip which will also need bored and will be easier to bore than titanium but it is out of stock

Stock HDS clips work but I think they suck compared to just doing the two above options

Dark sucks won't get the HDS Executive clip back in stock because not enough people are interested I suppose

I believe the streamlight protac 1L/2L clip will snap securely to the smaller diameter portion of the HDS body
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